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Modeling and Systems

MENA Economic Empowerment Hub

How might CARE in the MENA region turn their learning about operating in protracted crises into best practice elsewhere across CARE? 

In Nov 2017, we launched the MENA Economic Empowerment Hub as an attempt to divert some resources away from program delivery and instead towards facilitating learning about how to best deliver women's economic empowerment before, during and after crises. 

The Hub provides technical assistance to other CARE teams and thought leadership in the sector on this topic. 


LAC Operating Model Design and Experimentation

How might CARE in LAC region radically transform its operating model to be sustainable and impactful for 20 years to come? 

Responding to the trend of funds diverting away from INGOs and towards direct investment in local CSOs, our team is supporting regional research, prototyping, testing, and the building of an alternative operating model for CARE in the LAC region.  


Working with CARE Burundi to become a catalyst for innovation in Burundi

We are helping CARE Burundi explore opportunities to be a catalyst for innovation within focused thematic areas inside of the country, and designing the systems to reinforce the organization's processes, culture, and capabilities to drive innovation.