CARE Enterprises

CARE Enterprises, Inc.

CARE Enterprises harnesses the power of capital markets in the fight against poverty - an investment fund bringing resources to help small businesses achieve social impact

CARE Enterprises, Inc. (CEI) seeks to create transformative economic opportunity for people who have thus far been left out of the economy. We are launching the CEI Growth Fund I to invest in growth-stage companies that create dignified jobs, meaningful income increases or access to products and services that promote economic inclusion at scale. We will apply a gender lens across our entire investment cycle to progressively help women and girls break out of the cycle of poverty.

We will bring CARE’s deep understanding of the needs of those in poverty and the complex social, political and cultural dynamics unique to each market, and develop a distribution network for growth companies by leveraging CARE’s global footprint and local networks.

Enterprises that focus on economic inclusion operate differently from conventional businesses and therefore need financial partners that will respond appropriately. With the CEI Growth Fund I, we will create a portfolio of transformative “benefit-maximizers” by incentivizing our investees to deliver on their promises of social impact to create dignified jobs that break cross-generational poverty cycles in marginalized communities.