The people most impacted by problems of injustice, inequity and poverty should have the power and support to create the solutions

Innovation is the practice by which an organization explores, tests, and scales new solutions to meet people’s present and future needs.

As A Practice

The best innovations are created in proximity to the problem they seek to solve.
As a team, this is our north star.

To achieve CARE’s vision of social justice and ending poverty, the people experiencing oppression and poverty must be centered. As an innovation team, we focus on creating the enabling environment and pathways that bring those innovations to life.

As an outcome

Innovation is not just a practice, it is also an OUTCOME - something tangible that we can see, sense or experience in the world.

Our Distinct Approach to Innovation

Innovation Elsewhere

Novelty: new ideas come from somewhere else

Innovation = more efficient

Scale = more products

Innovation should be firewalled

Innovation @ CARE

Proximity: new ideas come from people closest to the problems

Innovation = more just

Scale = systems change

Innovation should be open


We believe that the enormity of our obligation to fight poverty and social injustice and the particular trends of our operating environments require us to adopt innovation not as a specialty service but as a way of being – to embrace transformation as an imperative and a culture of innovation as key to shaping the future.

It is a task that far exceeds the abilities of any one unit, though there is certainly need for catalysts, guardians and midwives of change. With concerted leadership and widespread engagement that harness the strengths and dynamism of the organization, such a transformation can happen.