It takes innovation to fight poverty and achieve social justice.

In a camp of today more than 900,000 people, the border between Bangladesh and Myanmar became the site of the world's fastest growing refugee crisis. Over 680,000 refugees made the perilous journey from neighboring Rakhine State in Myanmar into Bangladesh in just six months escaping violence, death and destruction. The concentration of refugees is now among the densest in the world. CARE has been working in the refugee camps since the beginning of the crisis providing emergency shelter, medical support, clean water, sanitation, gender-based violence support and more.

The CARE Innovation team incubates and launches models that shift power in our sector and our world.

We believe true innovation comes from the change agents working closest to the problem. Leveraging CARE’s unparalleled work in communities across 100 countries worldwide, we surface new approaches to humanity’s greatest challenges. Then, we incubate the models—and develop the leaders—to transform the field.

Estela Cac, a 12-yr-old 6th grader. Wants to be a teacher. She participated in CARE's girls leadership initiative at school, w Herlinda Guarcax Churunel- CARE Staff, Santa Maria Chiquimula, Totonicapan, Guatemala

Everything we do prioritizes solidarity, disintermediation, deep context and the power of networks.

Collective power is born from interconnection.

Pursuing values-aligned, effective impact means working around traditional gatekeepers.

Deep context
The most transformational innovations come from proximity to the problem not parachuting in.

Working beyond the silos of our own organizations, harnessing resources and talent across groups and sectors.

Our Team
Dar Vanderbeck, CARE Team Member

Dar Vanderbeck

Chief Innovation Officer

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Will Byrne


CARE Package

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Elana Berkowitz


Innovation Consultant

Rebecca Holliday


Scale and Integration lead

Grace Hsieh

Designer and
Enagagement Strategy

Innovation Portfolio

Mark Malhotra


Innovation Portfolio

Savannah Miller, CARE Team Member

Savannah Miller


Scale X Design

Ryan Shepard, CARE Team Member

Ryan Shepard

Executive Director

Global Innovation Hub

Danielle Thomas, CARE Team Member

Dannielle Thomas

Senior Program Manager


Dana Tzegaegbe, CARE Team Member

Dana Tzegaegbe

Partnership Coordinator

Global Innovation Hub

Bessie Watts


Finance and Operations

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Dane Wetschler


Design Strategy

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